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Breaking away from Trump is not so easy

Special To The Washington Post HILLSBORO, Ohio - I worked on Sen. Rob Portman’s staff in 2011 during his first nine months in the Senate and came to respect the Ohio Republican as a devoted family man who is…

icon Posted: 15 September 2019 [07:38 PM]

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Sunday 09/15/2019
Trump needs new Iran goals
icon Posted: 15 September 2019 [07:37 PM]

President Donald Trump seems to be setting the stage for renewed talks with Iran over its nuclear program, raising the prospect of easing U.S. sanctions in exchange for a meeting with the Iranian president. Unless he reconsiders his goals for…

America needs to help
icon Posted: 15 September 2019 [07:37 PM]

The Bahamas needs help. Hurricane Dorian hovered for about two days over the archipelago of islands a hop from Miami, causing massive damage yet to be calculated. Dorian clocked in as the second strongest Atlantic storm on record, with winds…

Friday 09/13/2019
THEIR VIEW: Bolton's departure was overdue
icon Posted: 13 September 2019 [02:29 PM]

Editorial The departure of John Bolton as national security adviser on Tuesday - President Trump said he fired him, and Mr. Bolton maintained that he quit - was logical and overdue. A rigid ideologue, Mr. Bolton has a long record…

THEIR VIEW: Number of uninsured up
icon Posted: 13 September 2019 [02:28 PM]

Editorial The number of Americans without health insurance rose last year, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday, and Democrats say this justifies more government control. Yet the reality is more complicated - in particular, note that having a Medicaid card is…

Thursday 09/12/2019
THEIR VIEW: Customers over constituents
icon Posted: 12 September 2019 [01:47 PM]

Editorial As lawmakers do nothing, businesses adopt gun control measures If it seems like we just wrote about this a few weeks ago, it's because we did. Following the back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton,…

THEIR VIEW: A flawed approach
icon Posted: 12 September 2019 [01:46 PM]

Editorial He blew it by inviting Taliban to Camp David and not including Afghans in a peace deal. The process and product of President Donald Trump’s policy on Afghanistan is deeply flawed. Most of the focus is…

Wednesday 09/11/2019
THEIR VIEW: A terrible precedent
icon Posted: 11 September 2019 [02:34 PM]

Editorial President Donald Trump is going to get his wall on our nation’s border with Mexico -- or at least some sections of replacement fencing -- even if he has to stick it to the U.S. military to secure the…

Tuesday 09/10/2019
THEIR VIEW: Authoritarians' favorite new tactic
icon Posted: 10 September 2019 [02:06 PM]

Editorial What’s a repressive government to do when the Internet gives protesters new ways to speak up? That’s easy: shut the whole thing down. The New York Times reports that more than a quarter of countries in the world have…

THEIR VIEW: Layoff notice law in need of an upgrade
icon Posted: 10 September 2019 [01:52 PM]

Editorial When a trio of Friendly’s restaurants vanished from the Connecticut landscape in the spring, it was easier to notice than when most companies vanish or downsize. Chances are, you hadn’t been to Friendly’s in a while (don’t blame yourself…

Monday 09/09/2019
THEIR VIEW: Corruption at UAW
icon Posted: 09 September 2019 [08:32 PM]

Labor Day must have been grim this year at the headquarters of the United Auto Workers. Federal agents last week raided the homes of the union’s president, Gary Jones, and a former president. They haven’t been criminally charged, but it’s…

THEIR VIEW: The internet is doing fine
icon Posted: 09 September 2019 [08:30 PM]

The phrase was opaque but vaguely appealing. Why would anyone want to repeal something called “net neutrality”? Neutral is inoffensive, right? So when the Federal Communications Commission debated whether to ditch the policy, many Americans joined in the energetic protests.…

Sunday 09/08/2019
THEIR VIEW: Fill the vacancies at the FEC
icon Posted: 08 September 2019 [08:48 PM]

Editorial The United States is headed into what promises to be among the most contentious and expensive campaign cycles in modern history - with foreign and domestic actors eager to make mischief - without the chief elections cop on the…

THEIR VIEW: Rolling back the availability of guns
icon Posted: 08 September 2019 [08:47 PM]

Editorial The spark for Walmart’s action is terrible: deadly shootings at two of its stores this summer, with 24 people slaughtered. Nonetheless, the giant retailer’s realization that “the status quo is unacceptable” should be applauded. Walmart will change its gun…

Friday 09/06/2019
THEIR VIEW: Hong Kong protestors say 'too little, too late'
icon Posted: 06 September 2019 [02:37 PM]

Editorial The withdrawal of the extradition bill in Hong Kong could be seen as an effort to bring a semblance of calm to the city where tensions have hit breaking point. But the announcement is unlikely to end the protests…

THEIR VIEW: TSA needs accountability
icon Posted: 06 September 2019 [02:34 PM]

Editorial In the post-9/11 universe, airline passengers have no choice but to subject themselves and their belongings to screening by agents of the Transportation Security Administration. Sometimes that process is intrusive; sometimes it's even worse than that. It is vital…

Thursday 09/05/2019
THEIR VIEW: Texas needs gun control
icon Posted: 05 September 2019 [02:01 PM]

Editorial Texas leaders who keep going through the motions of addressing mass shootings in this state without making significant changes should be ashamed. In the past two years, eight people were killed during a domestic dispute by a gunman…

THEIR VIEW: Britain's lose-lose situation
icon Posted: 05 September 2019 [01:53 PM]

Editorial Boris Johnson's attempt to sideline the British Parliament in order to force through the country's exit from the European Union seemed on Wednesday to have blown up in his face. Confronted with the prime minister's imminent imposition of a…

Wednesday 09/04/2019
THEIR VIEW: Finally, flood of lawsuits against Catholic Church is here
icon Posted: 04 September 2019 [02:28 PM]

Editorial The Catholic Church, with strong backing from the insurance industry and the Boy Scouts of America, has been successful for years in blocking state legislation that would allow adults to bring lawsuits for sexual abuse they suffered as children.…

THEIR VIEW: Don't gamble on casinos
icon Posted: 04 September 2019 [02:11 PM]

Editorial Building a casino, it turns out, is rather a gamble - and Connecticut leaders should take note of the latest revelations from Springfield before pursuing a similar course here. The tribes that operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, MGM, lawmakers…

Tuesday 09/03/2019
Every vote should count
icon Posted: 03 September 2019 [07:24 PM]

The controversial way America elects presidents is barreling toward a crisis point. A federal court ruling has spotlighted the confounding nature of the system, which twice in the last five elections put presidents into office against the wishes of the…

Deal reminds us why pipelines are unloved
icon Posted: 03 September 2019 [07:22 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion One could almost feel sorry for that decidedly unloved crowd known as pipeline operators. Except they keep finding ways to make it really hard. Tallgrass Energy LP has received a buyout offer from an investor group led by…

Not all corporate lawyers are the same, so don't ban them
icon Posted: 03 September 2019 [07:21 PM]

Special To The Washington Post After graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in 2010, like many newly minted graduates, I started my legal career at a large corporate law firm headquartered in New York. I spent the first six years…

Monday 09/02/2019
THEIR VIEW: Israel takes some risks
icon Posted: 02 September 2019 [07:41 PM]

A French attempt to jump-start talks between the United States and Iran got plenty of attention over the weekend at the Group of Seven summit, but it might have been less serious than it seemed. Though President Trump agreed with…

THEIR VIEW: World jumps to help Amazon, but Brazil's president doesn't
icon Posted: 02 September 2019 [07:38 PM]

Kudos are in order for world leaders who reacted quickly to forest fires in the Amazon that are so intense soot-darkened skies have turned day into night in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city thousands of kilometres away. Last Monday, the…

Sunday 09/01/2019
Destruction in Amazon rainforest hurts whole planet
icon Posted: 01 September 2019 [08:29 PM]

The Amazon is burning. That’s hugely troubling for all of us. The vast South American rainforest is our planet’s lungs. Its estimated 390 billion trees produce 20 percent of the world’s oxygen and suck immense amounts of carbon dioxide from…

THEIR VIEW: Victory against opioids
icon Posted: 01 September 2019 [08:25 PM]

Oklahoma has won a judgment of more than $572 million against corporate health care giant Johnson & Johnson after showing that the company’s role in the state’s opioid crisis created a public nuisance that “compromised the health and safety of…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Joe Biden is too old and out of touch to run
icon Posted: 01 September 2019 [08:24 PM]

We got used to his serial gaffes long ago. “That’s just Joe,” his friends and supporters say about his latest gaffes today. I’m not one to make fun of him by calling him “Sleepy Joe” or any of his other…

We need the Tongass National Forest now more than ever
icon Posted: 01 September 2019 [08:21 PM]

Special To The Washington Post President Donald Trump’s decision to direct his agriculture secretary to explore opening America’s largest national forest to logging comes as no surprise, considering that Friedrich Trump, the president’s grandfather, made his original fortune amid the…

Friday 08/30/2019
THEIR VIEW: This path is bad for Britain
icon Posted: 30 August 2019 [02:01 PM]

Editorial Boris Johnson suffered from attenuated democratic legitimacy when he took office as British prime minister last month. Just 92,153 voters, all of them members of the Conservative Party, chose to install him at 10 Downing Street after the resignation…

Thursday 08/29/2019
Trump's stumbles still don't overwhelm America's small businesses
icon Posted: 29 August 2019 [05:51 PM]

Special To The Washington Post This has been a remarkable week of head-spinning incoherence from this White House. And for this White House, that is saying something. Yet despite that, it appears that nothing disastrous happened at the Group…

No surprise: Trump backs Brazil's president
icon Posted: 29 August 2019 [05:49 PM]

The Washington Post President Donald Trump doesn’t think highly of most international leaders, but he made sure to express his support for one in particular: Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil. “He is working very hard on the Amazon fires,…

An ethics investigation of the governor of Rhode Island
icon Posted: 29 August 2019 [05:49 PM]

It’s never a good day when you’re the governor and the state Ethics Commission decides to investigate you. It’s even worse when the investigation involves a lucrative no-bid contract you are trying to get the General Assembly to approve. It’s…

Wednesday 08/28/2019
THEIR VIEW: The government's secrets are 'unsustainable'
icon Posted: 28 August 2019 [02:15 PM]

Editorial President Donald Trump got a letter recently that he and Congress ought to pay attention to. Mark Bradley, director of the Information Security Oversight Office of the National Archives and Records Administration, repeated a worrisome warning he delivered to…

THEIR VIEW: The Massachusetts RMV needs reform
icon Posted: 28 August 2019 [02:14 PM]

Editorial The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is in dire need of a shake-up. Erin Deveney’s resignation in the aftermath of a deadly crash in New Hampshire that might not have happened had her agency done its job unscrewed the…

Tuesday 08/27/2019
THEIR VIEW: Should marijuana be legalized?
icon Posted: 27 August 2019 [08:01 PM]

As if Connecticut didn’t already have enough reasons to resist the temptation to legalize - and tax - recreational marijuana sales, the Pew Charitable Trusts offered another this week. As reported by the Connecticut Mirror in the Aug. 20 Republican-American,…

THEIR VIEW: Maine organic farmers lose out with new dairy rule
icon Posted: 27 August 2019 [08:00 PM]

People choose to pay a premium for organic food because they know it is produced following strict rules that prioritize healthy soil, crop diversity and animal welfare. Except when it isn’t. The misinterpretation of a rule governing organic livestock by…

What Democrats need to learn about education
icon Posted: 27 August 2019 [07:55 PM]

In the early 1970s California was America’s Nirvana. It was a sunny, well-run, happy and free-spirited place of limitless opportunity where half the young people in Flyover Country wanted to move to, enjoy and spend the rest of their…

Biden gets personal in latest campaign ad amid controversy
icon Posted: 27 August 2019 [07:53 PM]

The Washington Post Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has not exactly been a rolling series of successes. In fact, most of the news about it has been bad: a controversy over the way Biden touches women and girls, another over his…

Monday 08/26/2019
Trump declares war on the poor
icon Posted: 26 August 2019 [07:35 PM]

Lyndon Johnson had his War on Poverty; Donald Trump has declared war on the impoverished themselves. The president’s latest salvo might have been fired at immigrants, but it sent a clear message to anyone struggling to make ends meet in…

Hiding the dark parts of our history on campuses is bad
icon Posted: 26 August 2019 [07:35 PM]

Special To The Washington Post Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library was opened in 1931, having been built to look 600 years older. Its walls are decorated with hundreds of stone carvings. Most are benign, a few deliberately humorous. Two years…

The last thing Yemen needed was a second civil war
icon Posted: 26 August 2019 [07:34 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion Whether Yemen ever really deserved the Roman-era appellation of Arabia Felix is debatable, but few would contest its modern-day claim as the Arab world’s least fortunate nation. Already ravaged by conflict and cholera, the country now faces a…

Sunday 08/25/2019
Discipline police officers
icon Posted: 25 August 2019 [08:32 PM]

As he announced that he was firing the police officer who had put Eric Garner in the chokehold that led to his death, New York City’s police commissioner, James O’Neill, sent the country’s largest police force a message: You may…

Trump campaign is worried about suburban women for good reason
icon Posted: 25 August 2019 [08:31 PM]

The Washington Post Politico reports that the Trump campaign is preparing to launch a major nationwide push to bring suburban women back into President Donald Trump’s fold. Among the ideas being planned: a massive effort to train female volunteers to…

President Trump treats scientists the worst
icon Posted: 25 August 2019 [08:31 PM]

The Washington Post President Donald Trump may ridicule reporters and deride his opponents on Twitter. But there is a group of people he treats even worse than his most visible targets: scientists in his own administration. Whatever the president says…

Friday 08/23/2019
Planned Parenthood makes a tough choice
icon Posted: 23 August 2019 [01:30 PM]

The San Francisco Chronicle Planned Parenthood made a difficult but principled decision to reject federal grants that came with an untenable condition: that participants in the program known as Title X could not refer women for abortions. The…

Hopes for gun reform are fading fast
icon Posted: 23 August 2019 [01:30 PM]

The Washington Post For a moment, it seemed as though what was usually assumed in Washington could no longer be taken for granted. President Trump was promising “very meaningful background checks” in the wake of two gruesome mass…

Trump is not the messiah or the Chosen One
icon Posted: 23 August 2019 [01:30 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion While talking to reporters on the White House lawn Wednesday about his plans for prosecuting a trade war with China, the president of the United States looked up briefly toward the heavens. “I am the chosen one,” Donald…