YOUR VIEW: Why did the budget go over?

Published on Thursday, 31 October 2019 17:46
Written by Phyllis Aronson

To The Editor:

For months there have been arguments about the Newington town hall referendum overrun, what the legal experts say about it, how Newington residents feel about it. I think we are missing a step. None of the editorials or letters I have read discusses WHY the budget went over: What are the items that have been added to the original amount that was approved by referendum. Perhaps if we knew that we would be better able to make an informed decision.

Do we need TWO full size gyms? (over $413,000 additional). Do we need more than $174,000 of additional gym equipment? And, does our new town hall require FOURTEEN kitchenettes at over $138,000? The fire department is concerned about reduced access. Why has the footprint gotten larger? To accommodate more BLEACHERS?

Is this what we are arguing about?

Are the people who are pushing for the expanded budget being honest with us about where exactly the money would go? Do the citizens of Newington who are in favor of going over the referendum amount really feel passionate about our needing these things? Is it really fair AFTER a proposal and vote to make as fundamental a change as adding a full size gym?

The Council members who had the integrity to want to follow the will of voters as expressed in the referendum vote and the conviction to keep the town hall project reasonable are Beth DelBuono and Gail Budrejko. Thanks to them. Let’s show them we back them by voting for them.

Phyllis Aronson


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