Gov. Lamont seeks to extend his masking, vaccination orders

Published on Thursday, 23 September 2021 10:35
Written by SUSAN HAIGH

Associated Press

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont on Wednesday released a list of executive orders he hopes top legislative leaders will agree to extend through Feb. 15.

The orders include required COVID-19 vaccinations for nursing home workers, required vaccination or testing for school workers and certain state employees, and required mask-wearing in schools and elsewhere.

Earlier this summer, a law was passed which empowers the top six Democratic and Republican legislative leaders to disapprove any of the executive orders issued under the state's emergency public health declarations.

“We have unfortunately seen the risks of the Delta variant realized, with a prolonged surge in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from this new and more contagious variant,” Lamont wrote in a letter to legislative leaders.

He noted how it’s critical the state continue its vaccination campaign and masking requirements in schools and certain high-risk settings to “prevent the emergence of even more contagious and more dangerous COVID-19 strains.”

Also Wednesday, Lamont issued a proclamation calling the General Assembly back to Hartford for a special legislative session next week to approve the 6th renewal of the Democrat's declaration of public health and civil preparedness emergencies.

Republican lawmakers have voiced opposition to the move, arguing it's time for the Democratic-controlled General Assembly to make these decisions.

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