YOUR VIEW: Bondsmen do more than just post bail

Published on Tuesday, 9 March 2021 20:53
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To the Editor:

Life has been far from normal since Connecticut discovered its first case of covid-19 last year. Yet bail bond agencies like 3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. took it upon themselves to continue serving regardless of the exposure to covid-19.

Considered an essential service, licensed bondsmen and bondswomen, along with office staff, reinvented themselves to keep up and continue serving the entire state of Connecticut. When Gov. Lamont was shutting down the state, these licensed agents were getting calls to get to correctional centers as fast as possible to secure someone’s release from prison.

I believe their work often goes unrecognized and forgotten. They usually work all hours of the day while risking their own health and their families. While surety bail may mean different things to Connecticut residents, it does two basic things for the ones who may not be familiar with the system.

A bail posted by a licensed bondsman allows defendants to be released from jail and remain free though the course of their trial.

This kind of surety bail also allows victims to have their day in court. Bail agencies are liable for the full bail amount and must bring the accused back to court when this defendant decides to no longer appear in court.

In Connecticut, bail agencies are responsible for the full bail amount and have only six months to capture bail absconders. Connecticut bail agents not only post bail you should know. These are the most available experts in the criminal system when it comes to courts, prison hours, warrants, court-only bonds, domestic cases, failure to appear charges, etc. The list is endless. They offer the information and guidance completely free of charge.

A bondsman only charges the mandated fee when you actually post the bond, even if they helped you for hours over multiple days and you happen to resolve your case without the need of a bail agent, it costs you nothing. I know many Connecticut bail agents, who during a pandemic, a snowstorm or even after a hurricane, have been out there helping desperate families.

They understand the urgency when a loved one is behind bars and the need to get them out.

Jhady Rios

New Britain

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