Community comes out to celebrate 99 years with Bristol resident

Published on Friday, 5 June 2020 17:09


BRISTOL – Clara D’Amato celebrated her 99th birthday with a parade Thursday, sitting with family members as friends, family, police and firetrucks drove by her home.

Although D’Amato may have thought the parade was “ridiculous” at first, her face bore a smile as cars started pulling up the road. Police and fire sirens blared, cars honked their horns and several friends and relatives waved and held up signs. A few of the people driving by tossed happy birthday cards to D’Amato and her family. When the parade concluded, the family all clapped for her.

“I wonder what you’ll do when I turn 100,” said D’Amato

D’Amato said that Bristol has been “wonderful” to her since she moved here from Italy, when she was only three years old.

“It’s a nice place to live; I’ve had no problems,” she said. “I like to go to St. Anthony Church every morning. Then I love to get coffee with the girls and chat for hours and hours. I hope things will go back to normal so I can go back to church every morning with my special friends.”

In addition to seeing this group of longtime friends, D’Amato said that she enjoys to crochet and make blankets.

“She has a better social life then I do,” joked D’Amato’s daughter-in-law Lisa D’Amato, who signed up to have the parade in her honor.

“She’s special; she deserves it,” said Lisa D’Amato. “We wanted to do something special since she can’t visit with the kids this time around.”

Mickey D’Amato, Clara D’Amato’s son and Lisa D’Amato’s husband joined her in celebration, holding a sign with a picture of the two of them together. Also present was Clara D’Amato’s daughter, a nurse at Bristol Hospital, and her grandson, Mike D’Amato.

With the parade over, Lisa D’Amato said that the family would be enjoying a lemon cake and pizza together.

“I like anything with lemon; I don’t care for chocolate,” said Clara D’Amato.

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